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TripZeeker is an online bazaar of travel experiences, activities, and tours that connects travelers with multiple tour operators across the globe.

About Us

15 Countries In Asia

We currently operate in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan with more countries to come as we grow.

81 Provinces In The Philippines

We are the first platform to host a range of travel experiences and activities from each of 81 provinces in the Philippines.

Over 15033 Travel Experiences

Each day we onboard hundreds of new providers and add travel activities to ensure you have an unlimited freedom of choice.

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TripZeeker is a trusted marketplace for people to list, find and book travel activities online. TripZeeker connects people to travel opportunities around the world, allows them to greatly improve the way they travel and helps them enjoy themselves more in the process.

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Great support, Great team, so much thing to do, and so thank you so much TripZeeker.

@whoami Anonymous User

Make your Life a Story to tell.

by TripZeeker Team

We've collected experiences and activities and combined them into powerful, easy to navigate platform for travelers - for everyone: from vacation lovers to diehard backpackers. Innovative nature of TripZeeker allows travelers to explore, get inspired and take part in life-changing travel experiences and gives travel providers a space to sell their most popular and profitable activities.